Bits & Bees

Making people excited about the hive

About Bits & Bees

Bits & Bees was founded in 2012 by Kris Dierickx.

He combines his great passion for bees with project management. In this way we ensure the ‘pollination’ of flowers and companies. Over the years we have continued to deepen the things we are good at. Our mission became clearer: Making people excited about the hive.

The hive‘ should not only be translated literally as ‘beehive’, but for us it also symbolizes collaboration, projects, crafts, the bees.

With Bits en Bees we want to share the knowledge we gained with our business, our projects, with the bees and with our own craft. After all, since 2020 we have focused even more on craft companies and are happy to help them with their growth. Ellen Raaijmakers, Kris’s wife, also discovered the joy of traditional work and started Gray and Gold.

We still do project management for the larger companies, but we are happy to help you as a craft company. This can be done in all kinds of ways: by reviewing your business plan, as temporary strategic support or to provide moderate support for your software.

With Bits en Bees we are developing a number of solutions to further automate your company in a simple way. For example, we have a solution to follow up your customers and a solution to manage your goods (stock, incoming flows, outgoing flows, recipes, lot numbers, shelf life, ….).

Finally, there is the passion for the bees. We have our own bees and can provide personalized jars of honey. A promotional gift, an attention for a gift bag, …. we like to think along with you. If you are inspired by the bees, you might be interested in placing bees on your company or working around the dynamics of the bees for a whole year. We would therefore like to present you our annual program on this.